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Kairi has won the JAPAN BEATBOX CHAMPIONSHIP, the biggest official beatboxing competition in Japan, three consecutive times.

He is known for his unique groove and great artistry. By producing music, performing in movies & commercials, and collaborating with fashion brands and popular artists, he continues to deliver new meaning and inspiration to the world.


Human Beatbox

TOKYO Guest Performer

Where pioneers of the future gather with the world’s top students.

A chance for you to meet such leaders and participate in the creation of the future.

You’ll be expected to do more than to listen and watch; please contribute and get involved in the NexGen movement, and discover what lies at the front line of the world.

NexGen stands for Next Generation.

It is a Japanese platform that gathers talented individuals from Harvard & many other prestigious universities, companies at the forefront of their industries, and startups that create new possibilities for the future. The platform aims to create synergy through the collaborations and contributions made by such individuals.

Japan and Singapore has been chosen
as NexGen 2017’s host countries.

The even for NexGen will be open to the public.
All participants are welcome.

Please register prior to the event.
(Note that participation is limited to the first 160 people)

Space  Entertainment

Theme of NexGen 2017

Students and All Others are Welcome!

*If the number of registrations exceeds our limit, emails will be sent out at short notice to notify those who will not be able to participate. We apologize in advance.

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Avex, a leading entertainment conglomerate in Japan, has announced “Entertainment x Tech”  as its new corporate philosophy. This new philosophy will serve as an addition to the previous “Really! Mad + Pure” caption, with a revived ambition to innovate and bring entertainment to a whole new level. Equipped with the power of new technologies and trends, Avex aims to evolve into a future-oriented entertainment company.

Leading Company

ispace is a private lunar exploration company with a vision to extend human presence into outer space, starting with the utilization of space resources and establishing an economy in space.
ispace is also the operator of Team HAKUTO, Japan's sole team for the $30million Google Lunar XPRIZE. To achieve their mission, ispace is developing micro-robotic technology to provide a constant, low-cost transportation service to the Moon, to conduct lunar surface exploration, and to process and deliver resources to our customers in cislunar space.

JAPAN Startup

ABEJA is the company behind the “ABEJA Platform”, a deep-learning AI, and “ABEJA Platform for Retail”, a software that can be used by retail stores and logistics companies to collect, analyze, and visualize consumer data. The company has also partnered with DAIKIN Industries to utilize AI in the manufacturing industry, and has been adopted into NVIDIA’s “GPU Ventures” program. The company is also very diverse, with employees from over ten different countries.
ALE is a space entertainment company based in Tokyo, currently developing technology used to create artificial shooting stars. With a mission to contribute to scientific research through entertainment, Lena Okajima (CEO, Ph.D. in Astrology from Tokyo University) founded ALE in 2011 along with four educational institutions (Tohoku University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, and Nihon University). The company is currently continuing to research and develop, in preparation for the launch of their first set of shooting stars in 2018.

Internship students

Harvard University

Joshua Lee

Anna Kang

James Gui

Janani Krishnan-Jha

Grace Pan

Sophia Lee

Raymond Li

Harvard University
Harvard University
Harvard University
Harvard University
Duke University
Harvard University

2017.7.14 Fri

2017.8.4 Fri



Your contribution will change the WORLD

Leading Company, Startups, Top students and You

Bringing Forefront Innovation Into Entertainment

Expand Our Planet. Expand Our Future.

Creating New Possibilities for IT Through IoT, Big Data, and AI

Revolutionizing Space Technologies Through Science and Technology

Rapyuta Robotics aims to use “cloud robotics” to transform autonomous technologies, such as sensors and robots, that were once considered too complex, too difficult, or too expensive into everyday solutions for businesses. They believe that cloud robotics not just a possibility, but a commercial reality -- even for people with minimal robotics expertise. Building on the willingness of Japanese companies to invest in game-changing technology and their desire for full-service solutions, the company launched in Tokyo as a global startup, and now has offices in Zurich and Bengaluru. They are working closely with Japanese co-development partners to make robotics technology more and more accessible.

Empowering Lives with Connected Machines


Beverly’s famously high-pitched tone brings vocalism into a whole new level.

After rigorous training with famous Filipino composer, Vehnee Saturno, she was introduced to Japan in 2015. Now, she’s recognized not just in the Philippines, but has also been awarded several times in music festivals throughout America and Qatar.

At the A-Nation held in August, she was appointed as a starring act. She received huge applause from the audience, which is incredibly rare for newcomers. In addition, she’s also sung in 3 songs from the Disney Magical Pop Christmas Album.

Her debut album "Awesome" was released on May 31st, 2017.

After famous Japanese actor Shun Oguri attended one of Beverly's live performances, he became transfixed by her talent, and introduced her to a well-known TV drama producer. This led to the release of “I Need Your Love” and “Empty,” recorded for her album "Awesome,” as the opening theme and featured song, respectively, for Kantere Fuji TV's drama series ”CRISIS kouan-kidou-sousatai-tokusouhan.”




Guest Performer

I need your love

Standing on the belief that every child has a potential to learn and attain the life they aspire to achieve, Quipper develops and applies the most relevant technologies and people to eliminate obstacles of learning and deliver the best learning opportunities for all.


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