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Active Learning, Inc.

Over the past 20 years, Active Learning, Inc. has been implementing “active learning” methodologies when consulting for educational institutions, large corporations, and government agencies around the world.

At the 50th Anniversary of the Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations event, SJ50, Active Learning, Inc. produced the main stage performances and organized both the national and international award ceremony for “Undiscovered Gems of Japan”, a competitive program for the branding of Japanese local goods. The company has also been invited to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s major dinner gatherings and other events that have been successful in connecting Japan to the world.

Active Learning has also published many articles and books.


Planning and Cooperation

We are looking for new members to build this NexGen platform together.

It is a Japanese platform that gathers talented individuals from Harvard & many other prestigious universities, companies at the forefront of their industries, and startups that create new possibilities for the future. The platform aims to create synergy through the collaborations and contributions made by such individuals.

We welcome new members who sympathize this vision.

​You can join us only as an event staff and also join us to organize this project.​

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