Creating a platform for leaders of the Next Generation.

NexGen aims to gather, from around the world, entrepreneurs and students with the ambition to make a contribution, as well as event audience members interested in knowing what the future holds. Innovative companies and others with high aspirations will together accelerate a movement that will drive us forward into the future. This is NexGen.

NexGen stands for Next Generation.

What’s New About NexGen

“NexGen will change the passive nature of similar events in the past by casting the spotlight on the audience and participants.”

Everywhere around the world, startup conferences are becoming more and more common; successful entrepreneurs speak, companies present their ideas, and competitions are held. NexGen will change that by casting the spotlight on audience members (both at the event and online), who will hopefully provide insights and ideas for the presenting companies. Through this, companies are able to gain public exposure and hence become one step closer to achieving the innovative future that they hope for.


Companies from Past NexGens (~2016)

Past NexGen Students (~2016)


Yahoo Japan


teamLab Inc.





teamLab Inc.








Harvard University

Paul Yarabe  (Molecular Biology)

Shannon Lytle (Computer Science)

Annie Lu (Psychology)

Hao-Kai Pai (Economiccs)

No.1 in the U.S speech and debate contest

He entered Harvard Business School directly from the undergraduate school which is only possible for the selected and excellent students.

Princeton University

Obafemi Fadairo 

Lucas Broido  (East Asian Studies)

Christina Rice

Carnegie Mellon University

Nicolas Mu(Computer Science)

Harvard University

Brian Wei(Economiccs)

Kevin Huan  (Computer Science)

Alex Kirby  (Evolutionary Biology)

Nadia Ali(Economiccs)

No.6 in The United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO)

Executive of Harvard Ventures which is one of the biggest entrepreneur group in Harvard University


Harvard University

Tuong Huynh(Bioengineering)

Louisa Wang(East Asian Studies)

Mattias Pregrum


Below are the students of NexGen from previous years. Top students in Japan from schools such as Tokyo University, Keio University, and Waseda University have also been involved in the organizing team

Columbia University

Jared Namba(Economics)

Princeton University

Anand Apichaidejudom (Economics)

Brown University

Becca Jayne Levy(East Asian Studies )

Delhi University

Neha Jhawar(Economics)


*If the number of registrations exceeds our limit, emails will be sent out at short notice to notify those who will not be able to participate. We apologize in advance.

Students and All Others are Welcome!