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NexGen was held in Bash, known as the center of innovation in Singapore.

Leading companies, start-up companies from Japan and Singapore, as well as excellent students from Japan and the US and Singapore participated. Everyone who participated in the venue solved the problem of the company.

What is a corporate mind that can change the world. What is startup support that Japan thinks as a country. What is the ecosystem necessary for startup?

A talk session with guest speakers stimulates the participants' inspiration.

Participating companies of NexGen Tokyo 2017, as well as Singapore startup,
a leading company from Japan that accelerates education through the power of IT also participates!


While imagining the future of each business and project,
all the participants helped solve startup problems.

With the facilitation involving all the participants, ideas that can sympathize beyond nationalities and races were announced one after another. 

It is awarded to participants who made excellent contribution comments selected by each company
Best Contributor Award.
Betting flight tickets to Japan, presenting ideas to judges.
On the stage of the after party,
TOP's best contributor has been decided! 

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NexGen in Singapore ended with applause.
Next year, the scale will be expanded during Asia!

Challenging innovation, welcoming excellent world students interns,
For those who want to recruit fans who support the project,

Participants wishing to learn about the forefront of innovation and want to learn,

If you would like to expand NexGen's efforts together,

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Highlights from NexGen Singapore

Leading entrepreneurs, top students, and YOU

NexGen isn’t just a business conference. NexGen Tokyo proved that ideas are no longer bound to meeting rooms.

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